I am a partner, a daughter and a sister.

I am a work in progress, always trying to learn and grow.

I am a lover of books and get lost in whatever I'm reading, on the regular.

I quote TV and movies way too much.

I love to laugh and to make others laugh.

Eating is one of my greatest pleasures.

I know that moving my body regularly is one of the keys to my happiness.

I came to yoga for the physical movement but stay for the mental and spiritual movement.

I don't care if you've never practiced yoga before or if you can't do pretty poses.

I care if you have an open heart and mind and have a willingness to grow.

I believe in the connection between your mind and body.

I can be hard on myself but am learning to give myself some slack.

I curse too much but have a heart full of happiness and love.

I am Amber Wyse


E: info@inspirehotyoga.ca

P: 587.370.3845

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