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Meet Kellie


"All Stitch'in and No Bitch'in!" - that's the mantra Kellie brings to the Inspire Hot Yoga community. We're thrilled to introduce Kellie, join her for a Yin Class that would have Brené Brown eating her heart out!

Kellie's a Knitter with a capital K, weaving threads of connection and warmth in everything she does. A deeply feeling human, Kellie approaches life with a unique blend of mindfulness and creativity.

In the heart of the Yin practice, Kellie finds a canvas for her passion. Join her for a class that goes beyond the physical, offering a tapestry of relaxation and introspection. Kellie is not just a teacher; she's a grateful member of the Inspire community, cherishing the privilege to teach and play alongside all of you.

Kellie promises to show up and meet you where you are at—believing and knowing that everyone is doing their best inspires her to bring her best to each class. In Kellie's world, doing her best is more than enough.

Join Kellie on a Yin experience that transcends boundaries, connects hearts, and leaves you feeling both rejuvenated and inspired. Let's stitch together a memorable yoga journey at Inspire Hot Yoga with Kellie!

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