I like to talk, especially during yoga.

I love scrabble, crosswords, any kind of word game.

I love my dogs, Sam and Bowie.

I love the sun.

I might even love the rain more. I love how alive I feel standing outside in a torrential downpour.

I love to think about space and how infinite it is.

I am not sure what I believe in, but I am leaning towards aliens.

I love watching for shooting stars as I lie on the grass, gravity holding me down.

I love this planet and all of its people.

I think pretty much everyone is a good person.

I am trying to be good by caring for this planet I am learning more about myself every day.

I love art.

I believe that everyone is an artist.

I think that sometimes we screw up and go outside of the lines.

I believe that in the end, however, we are all part of a masterpiece.

I try not to take life too seriously.

I love kids because they are so good at that!

I think connection is the answer to everything.

I want to be there for my community.

I believe yoga is the perfect way to bring people together.

I am Laura Harvey.


E: info@inspirehotyoga.ca

P: 587.370.3845

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