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I am a mother to three boys, who I strive to raise to be gentlemen and decent human beings.
I am a wife to a nurse which means family time is seldom and precious.
I have a big heart that has been broken and rebuilt, but wears its cracks with grace and compassion.
I believe, through my parenting and my life, that each person needs support in their life to gain courage, self confidence, and kindness.
I strive to take care of the environment and my health, despite inconvenience or added cost.
I believe wellness is not a feeling or a goal but a state of being.
I know that being active and healthy is a morning-to-bedtime commitment.
I believe that hurt is a compulsory part of living, and through each wound grows scabs, scars, growth, and strength.
I believe compassion, joy, trust, patience, commitment, and graciousness are the keys to a growing yoga practice.
I believe that emotion is connected to breath, and if you change the rhythm of the breath, you have the power to change the emotion.
I laugh and cry easily and often, sometimes at the same time.
I believe self care requires first fearlessly acknowledging where you are at, second painstaking making the commitment to love and nurture yourself, third giving yourself grace when you don’t meet your own expectations, and fourth getting back out there the next day to try again.
I believe yoga is not about your size, the colour of your skin, how flexible you are or what you’re wearing.
Yoga is medicine for my body, mind, and soul.
If there is chocolate in my house I will eat it. ALL.
I believe human connection is vital and can be found in a multitude of ways, be it from coffee to wine to parenting to yoga to prayer.
I believe kindness is more valuable than gold.
I am Shannon Nickel.