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Lethbridge is home.

I am the calm before the storm.

I work DAMN hard.

I love being active.

I love food.

Christina Lake is my happy place.

I love animals. In fact, if I won the lottery, I would buy an acreage and rescue as many animals as possible.

My ultimate goal is to own a piece of land and be self-sustaining.

I am the middle child.

I believe in practicing what you preach.

I believe in being kind and not passing judgement.

Actions speak louder than words.

I will let you define greatness.

Come as you are. 

Advanced poses come with a smile.

I will encourage you to work hard.

I will connect mind, body & spirit.

I will inspire rejuvenation & peace.

I love my parents.

I am fiercely loyal.

I love my students 

I am a teacher.

I am a student.

I am humbled by my students.

I am Katrina van der Meer

Inspire Headshots - Katrina.png
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