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Teaching Prenatal, Postnatal, Couples, and Children is my jam. 

I am an overachiever.
I am a vegetarian. 
I will not chastise you for eating meat or force my lifestyle on anyone.
I believe in yoga mastery, that everyone is capable of completing a task if given the time and opportunity to do so. 
I also believe every body is made different and your capable is not the same as mine.
I am addicted to learning new things and new challenges.
I still don’t like it when my foods touch.
I am an avid reader of non fiction and romance novels ONLY.
I have video dance parties with my husband every Friday.
I belly laugh at all my son’s fart jokes.
I believe my daughter will lead this country one day. 
My heart is fullest when my children fall asleep in my arms.

I am Kelsey Tasker.

Inspire Headshots - Kelsey.png
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