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Welcome to Inspire Hot Yoga!

This is not a yoga spa.

This won’t be easy; I want you to know that. This will be hard.

We will aspire to create something bigger than just a pretty space; this is our home.

We will ask you to perspire; it will be hot and challenging.

We will conspire to create a community as strong as family.  We will sweat together, we will laugh together and we will weep together.

We will work DAMN hard.

Nothing will be perfect here, not the studio, not the teachers and not the students.  To make a mistake on or off your mat is insignificant; to practice or live a life without passion is inexcusable!  So come as you are and embrace the true beauty of imperfection with us.

We know that if we wanted everyone to like us we would sell ice cream!

We’re here to create real change in your life.

Our promise to you:

If you bring your untethered soul through our doors,

this will change your life and together we will #inspirelethbridge