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I take Rule #6 seriously.*

Luckily, I have always been lucky. (although my four leaf clover collection was never officially recognized as the world's largest)

I am sure there is always a bright side.

I value effort and kindness.           

I try to say what I mean and mean what I say. 

I talk to myself in yoga, but only in a mindful way of course.

I consider movement, physical and otherwise, a necessity of life.

My favourite kind of chocolate keeps changing, and I don't mind because I am flexible where it counts.

Water, rocks and fire are a few of my favourite things. 

If I had to choose which medicine I would take to a desert island, it would be humour because the sunshine would already be there.

Family anchors my life and keeps my heart busy.


* Rule #6 :"Don't take yourself so g__damn seriously."  slightly adapted version 

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