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I am a wife and mother.
I am a plant nerd.
I am an avid reader.
I am a student.
I am a creator.
I don't like Kombucha or fizzy water.
I love coffee and definitely drink too much of it.
I often forget rule #6, but I'm working on it!
I love learning and finding new ways to grow.
I love the mountains and the beach.
I have been practicing yoga for several years, but am new to teaching.
I don't care how flexible you are,
Come just as you are, you are already enough.
Empower yourself to make your practice your own. 
I believe there is so much power in showing up for, and taking care of, yourself.
I believe vulnerability is a superpower. 
I believe in building connections rather than competition. 
I love the stillness and grounding Yin offers.
I am so grateful and honoured to be a part of your practice.
I am Sarah Olson.

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